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Gymnasien in Niederösterreich

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Project Overview

In mid-2021 the “AHS-Gewerkschaft Niederösterreich”, an organization regrouping all head teachers at lower Austrian high schools, was interested in updating and modernizing their online presence. The original website has not been updated for a long time and the underlying technologies were deprecated (nonresponsive Design, deprecated CMS, ...), therefore the new website had to be completely revamped and modernized, only the logo and color tone have been kept.

The new website has been developed with a modern and responsive Design with the goal to facilitate the administration and optimize the performance. This has been achieved through the development of a custom front-end using the Tailwind CSS library and at the backend a lightweight file-based PHP CMS named Kirby.


The goal of the website is to be used as a starting point, when searching information about high schools in lower Austria, with for example information about school admission procedures. The website also features a full list of all high schools in lower Austria and an interactive map to help future students finding their new school in their area. A news section has also been implemented for possible future usage. Another goal was to keep the new website at a very high privacy standard. The website doesn't rely on cookies and third-party services except for an opt-in for an interactive OpenStreetMap referencing all high schools.

Further considerations

This website could have been made as a static site using a static site generator like 11ety for enhanced security and improved maintenance. However, the integrated CMS solution has been chosen to enable the easy modification of the content without having to rely on a third-party headless CMS.

Screenshot of the websiteScreenshot of the 'Got Talent?' page of the websiteScreenshot of the 'Gymnasium finden' page of the website showing an interactive mapScreenshot of the 'Gymnasium finden' page of the website Showing the interactive map with a privacy popupScreenshot of the 'Kontakt' page of the website with a contact form